Every since I can remember, I have always been fascinated with the mystical, magickal and just plain weird things in life. You know, the things you just can’t explain. The world is such a big mystery, and I love the challenge of exploring the unexplained. The unknown of how and why. That is so much of why I love magick. Especially earth magick.

Throughout this site the word “magick” will be used to differentiate the practice of natural “magick” from an illusion known as “magic”

I’m so excited you found yourself here. I would love to take a journey with you to explore, share and discuss the ways we can connect with earths energies and explore natures magickal gifts to us to help us heal, be inspired and live up to our full potential.

Lets get ”Down to Earth” and let the magickal energies of our mother earth help us feel charged, inspired and open to taking in the blessings we have before us.

Have a blessed and magickal journey. Christine

Photo by Rhett-Wesley/unsplash

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