Happy Earth Day, my fellow nature lovers! We all have heard of the scientific threats the planet faces, such as global warming ,right? But in this post, I would like to write about the joy of our planet, and how to connect to it’s most beautiful magickal energies. Nature has taught me to “live in the moment” and recharge my soul and appreciate all the blessings mother nature gives us, and asks for nothing in return.

“Earth provides enough to satisfy every man’s need, but not every man’s greed” – Gandhi.

Let’s show the planet a little love, and at the same time, take in the love our planet has for us.

I would love to share with you some simple ways to experience the wonders of nature.

*STAR GAZE: One of my favorite things to do, I find staring at the stars mesmerizing on a clear night.

*PICK WILD FLOWERS AND PUT IN A VASE FOR YOUR HOME: Remember to take in the smell of these pretty gifts.

*ROCK HUNTING: Search for rocks for painting, and then participate in a local rock hide and find.

*BERRY PICKING: There is nothing better than the sweet taste of a berry of the vine.

*TAKE IN A SUNRISE AND/OR SUNSET: It will warm your soul to truly be in the moment while this beautiful daily event happens while most of it miss it.

There are so many other simple ways to get outside and be all in with natures wonders, these just happen to be the first ones that came to mind, I guess they are my favorite. Here are some other simple ideas I have experienced and are fun and purposeful., without an explanation on my part.

*meditate by a moving creek.

*Take nature pictures while on a nature walk

*Play a game with someone you love, or by yourself guessing what a cloud resembles.

*Birdwatch, or go to a nature sanctuary.

*Plant herbs in a pot, feeling the soil between your fingers and blessing the herbs for use in nurturing their uses in your cooking.

I hope these simple ideas will give you some inspiration in a way to connect with nature. I could go on and on with ways to really feel the love of our planet and just get outside and explore her energies and love. I want to put out a friendly challenge for all of you to come up with your little ways you can find to celebrate earth every day and be conscious about how we treat and care for our mother earth.

Peace and love to you all, Christine

picture by Daniel-Olah-Unsplash.

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